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autoscopia: Bruno_KreiskyBruno Kreisky (January 22, 1911 – July 29, 1990) was an Austrian politician who served as Foreign Minister from 1959 to 1966 and as Chancellor from 1970 to . Bruno Kreisky was born in Vienna in 1911. He became a socialist at an early age and while a student at Vienna University joined the Social Democratic Party of . Unterschrift Bruno Kreisky. BRUNO KREISKY FORUM FÜR INTERNATIONALEN DIALOG · STIFTUNG BRUNO KREISKY ARCHIV · BRUNO KREISKY . Bruno Kreisky (b. Vienna , 22 Jan. 1911; d. 29 July 1980) Austrian; Chancellor of Austria 1970 – 83 Kreisky was the talented son of a well-to-do. Entries for Bruno Kreisky in library catalogs and other authority files: LCCN: n50043948 | PND: 118566512 | VIAF: 31998484 | WorldCat | WP-Person . For Services to Human Rights. The Bruno Kreisky Award is given by the Bruno Kreisky Foundation For Human Rights roughly every two years to individuals or . Bruno Kreisky. Bruno Kreisky Born: 22-Jan-1911. Birthplace: Vienna, Austria Died: 29-Jul-1990. Location of death: Vienna, Austria Cause of death: unspecified . Jan 21, 2011 . Neil Clark: The great socialist leader Bruno Kreisky would be dismayed by the European left's meek acceptance of the rule of money power.

Bruno Kreisky (chancellor of Austria), Jan. 22, 1911 Vienna, Austria July 29, 1990 Vienna leader of the Social Democratic Party of Austria and chancellor of . Jan 22, 2001 . Kreisky's family: Father Max Kreisky, 1876-1944, Managing Director of the Österreichische Wollindustrie A. G. und Textil A. G. ; during his years of . Bruno Kreisky | Facebook. . Want to like this page? To interact with Bruno Kreisky you need to sign up for Facebook first. Sign Up. It's free and anyone can join. The Bruno Kreisky Award is a biennial award created in October 1976 on the occasion of the 65th birthday of Bruno Kreisky. The laureates are rewarded for their . Bruno Kreisky (22 January 1911 – 29 July 1990), Austrian politician, the first Jewish Chancellor of Austria (1970–1983), was born in Vienna, the son of a clothing . Armbrustergasse 15 - Bruno Kreisky Forum The Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue was founded in 1991, in pursuit of the international activities of . Jan 21, 2011 . This piece on mine, on one of my great political heroes, Bruno Kreisky (above), appears over on the Guardian's Comment is Free website. The BKF was founded in 1991 in commemoration of the late Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky. A group of Kreisky's friends and colleagues, among them his.

Jan 9, 2010 . The Sun Chancellor's policies weren't always without controversy especially when it came to Austria's Nazi past. Addressing Root Causes – the Example of Bruno Kreisky and Austria's Confrontation with Middle Eastern Terrorism. Sep 20, 2008 . JewOrNotJew. com: Is Bruno Kreisky Jewish? . For the Jewish Bruno Kreisky was the Chancellor of Austria for 14 years, from 1970 to 1983. Feb 2, 2011 . Several new books and TV/film documentaries about the life and work of Bruno Kreisky have appeared to mark the 100th anniversary of his . Bruno Kreisky (* 22. Jänner 1911 in Wien; † 29. Juli 1990 ebenda) war ein österreichischer Politiker (SPÖ) und von 1970 bis 1983 Bundeskanzler der Republik . On the occasion of its 25 th anniversary the Bruno Kreisky Archive Foundation is soliciting conference papers that treat various aspects of the reception of . 23. Dez. 2010 . 100. Geburtstag von Bruno Kreisky - Sein politisches Wirken als SPÖ- Parteivorsitzender, Außenminister und Bundeskanzler für Österreich. In 1970, Austria′s most legendary chancellor Bruno Kreisky, a social democrat, . Bruno Kreisky, the man who screwed up my retirement plans by spending the.

May 1, 2009 . Women in Black Vienna participating at the 1 May demonstrations. Remembering the important role of Bruno Kreisky . Seit 1993 wird von der Bildungsorganisation der SPÖ und dem Dr. -Karl-Renner- Institut im Gedenken an Bruno Kreisky (1911-1990) ein Preis für das politische . Bruno Kreisky, der zu dieser Zeit in der Rainergasse 29 wohnte und das Radetzky-Gymnasium im 3. Bezirk besuchte, ging selbst von Haus zu Haus, um junge . IPY Search. Show Archive EMail Print. Austria Center Vienna, Bruno-Kreisky- Platz 1, 1220. Filter. Title, Type. Go Reset. Limit. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100, All . Jan 31, 2012 . THE STRUGGLE FOR A DEMOCRATIC AUSTRIA. Bruno Kreisky on Peace and Social Justice. Edited by Matthew Paul Berg, in collaboration . Bruno Kreisky Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from . Bruno Kreisky Blogs, Comments and Archive News on Economictimes. com. Bruno Kreisky Award - Description: The Bruno Kreisky Award is a biennial award created in October 1976 on the occasion of the 65th birthday of Bruno Kreisky. Die Konferenz „Genial dagegen – Was hätte Bruno Kreisky heute vorgeschlagen ? . Eine Zusammenarbeit von Burgtheater, Bruno Kreisky Forum, Carl Hanser.

Jan 12, 2011 . Wieninternational. at devotes a series of articles to Bruno Kreisky (1911-1990), the “politician of the century”. The series will present the views of . Sep 20, 2005 . During the 1970s, he famously clashed with the then Austrian chancellor, Bruno Kreisky, over the inclusion of former Nazis in the Austrian . Apr 22, 2010 . Bruno Kreisky to Zeev Barth, correspondent of Radio Israel, 1975. Concerning . Bruno Kreisky, Frankfurter Allgemeine, November 13, 1975. Jan 13, 2011 . photo. Willi Brandt, Olof Palme und Bruno Kreisky, 1975. Foto: Votava. Comments and faves. ★. ray-li_1848 added this photo to his favorites. bruno-kreisky. by Franz-Stefan Gady | on September 18th, 2011 | 0 comments · bruno-kreisky. No comments yet. Bruno Kreisky, who had served as foreign minister between 1959 and 1966, laid great emphasis on an active, internationalist foreign policy during his tenure as . Lage, Größe und Beschreibung des Mädchenparks Bruno-Kreisky-Park im 5. Bezirk. Bruno Kreisky (January 22, 1911 – July 29, 1990) served as Chancellor of Austria from 1970 to 1983. He is remembered in Austria as one of the people who . .