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"Step Beyond Reality". Created by: Roland Plummer aka “Not Novice”. Jul 15 · 1 · photoshop twilight zone scifi movie posters science fiction doorway space . Elsebeth Grickle A swamp witch that sold her soul to Shadow Walkers. Highly dangerous. Last character for the Fantasy theme. Yey! Previous characters: . ketsuii likes this. pineapple-sarah likes this. stillchasinghosts likes this. kfjjohnnygoloc reblogged this from timshumateillustrations · lesjeunesidees likes this. kissmehardbeforeyouleave likes this. alisoncatkpoplover likes this. nerdybiker likes this. fathomabledepths likes this. innseparable likes this. ketsuii likes this. ketsuii likes this. dinaisamazing reblogged this from josuenarcissim · butpleasedontbreakme likes this. xyztina likes this. wellifollowlikeathread likes this. ketsuii likes this. ephemerai likes this. sharks-and-hearts reblogged this from kisforkrysten · persianstateofmind likes this. mergur reblogged this from dark- danny. 4 Notes/ Hide. theonetruescotsman reblogged this from bashirsultani · gmannybubbles08 likes this. slashcat2000 reblogged this from bashirsultani · ketsuii likes . IMMURE [verb] 1. to enclose within walls. 2. to shut in; seclude . .

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