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autoscopia: kathe_kollwitzKäthe Kollwitz (July 8, 1867 – April 22, 1945) was a German painter, printmaker, and sculptor whose work offered an eloquent and often searing account of the . Unlike Modersohn-Becker's robust and monumental depictions of motherhood, Kathe Kollwitz's imagery is marked by poverty stricken, sickly women who are . Kathe Kollwitz is regarded as one of the most important German artists of the twentieth century, and as a remarkable woman who created timeless art works . Käthe Kollwitz German, 1867-1945. A lifelong commitment to championing the rights of underprivileged people and an extraordinary ability to express human . During the Second World War, her grandson, Peter Kollwitz, was killed while fighting for the German Army on the Eastern Front. Kathe Kollwitz died at Moritzburg . Käthe-Kollwitz-Museum Berlin. At the end of May 1986, the Berlin painter and art dealer. Hans Pels-Leusden, who died in April 1993, opened in a . kollwitz Kathe Kollwitz (1867-1945) Kathe Kollwitz is considered by many to be one of the greatest draughtsmen and printmakers of all time. Often mentioned in . Kathe Kollwitz [German Expressionist Printmaker and Sculptor, 1867-1945] Guide to pictures of works by Kathe Kollwitz in art museum sites and image archives.

Born Käthe Ida Schmidt in Königsberg, eastern Germany, to a middle-class family , Käthe Kollwitz had a liberal-minded father who encouraged her talent. . Jul 30, 2009 . Käthe Schmidt Kollwitz (July 8, 1867 April 22, 1945) was a German painter, printmaker, and sculptor whose work offered an eloquent and often . Dec 23, 2011 . Käthe Kollwitz (German, 1867-1945): Self-Portraits . "Käthe Kollwitz and German Expressionism" featured over fifty works by Käthe Kollwitz . Käthe Kollwitz ( German, 1867 - 1945 ). Currently featuring 2 original graphic works, please scroll down. Click on the thumbnails to view larger images and . Käthe Kollwitz was born in Königsberg, East Prussia, into a relatively wealthy home. She was the fifth child of Karl and Katharina Schmidt (née Rupp). Three of . Kathe Kollwitz (German artist), July 8, 1867 Königsberg, East Prussia [now Kaliningrad, Russia] April 22, 1945 near Dresden, Germany German graphic artist . Hand signed by the artist, "Kathe Kollwitz" in pencil, lower right. Impression from the second state of two according to Knesebeck. From an edition of 100. A very . Kathe Kollwitz once stated, "Drawing is the only thing that makes my life bearable . " However, this statement proves to be ironic for the fact that she made her life.

Find out more about German graphic artist and sculptor Käthe Kollwitz, an advocate for victims of social injustice, war and inhumanity, on Biography. com. Share the best Quotes by Kathe Kollwitz with your friends and family at BrainyQuote. com. Käthe Kollwitz (German, 1867-1945) - Find works of art, auction results and sale prices of artist Käthe Kollwitz at galleries and auctions worldwide. Sep 28, 2011 . In the spring of 1985, gorillas stormed the streets of New York City. Calling themselves the Guerrilla Girls, the masked art avengers pasted . A genration after her death, German artist Kathe Kollwitz is winning a reputation as one of the great graphic artists of the 20th Century. Concentrating on the . Oct 9, 2011 . As it turned out, though, the artist, Käthe Kollwitz, became internationally renowned as one the greatest creators of peaceable art in the . Contents. I. The Life of Käthe Kollwitz. II. The Work of Käthe Kollwitz. III. A Weavers' Rebellion. IV. Drawing Project. A. Selbstbildnis, 1919. B. Derived Works . V. . This monograph, prepared to accompany a striking exhibition, provides important information on the life and art of one of the 20th century's most influential.

About Käthe Kollwitz; Additional Information . Käthe Kollwitz: Werkverzeichnis der Graphik. Band I & II. . Käthe Kollwitz: The Art of Compassion. Exh. cat. . KOLLWITZ lithographs, prints, and originals, with authentic signature at 25-50% off gallery retail prices. There is an artist for everyone. Kathe Kollwitz | Facebook. . Public Figure. Want to like or comment on this page ? To interact with Kathe Kollwitz you need to sign up for Facebook first. Sign Up . The mother and child in the center of the composition resemble the introverted mother-child images of German expressionist artist Kathe Kollwitz (1867-1945). . The German expressionist Käthe Kollwitz (1867-1945) dedicated her graphic work and sculpture to humanity, documenting historic rebellions against social . "Kathe Kollwitz had a long talk with her son, Peter, when he decided to volunteer in 1914; and she gave him her blessing, and regretted it for the rest of her life. . Selbstbildnis en face, lachend, 1888/89. current exhibition. ALFRED KUBIN - NEBENWELTEN 7 october 2011 - 8 january 2012 more. Special opening Christmas and New Year! The museum will be.

Few artists are as universally beloved as the German printmaker, draftsman, and sculptor Käthe Kollwitz, whose powerful images of mothers and children and of . Painting/Drawing/Etching. Never Again War, Käthe Kollwitz (1924). Description: Käthe Kollwitz, Never Again War, 1924. Related Resources from Facing History: . Kathe Kollwitz Survivors card against war 1922. The Survivors, a drawing by the German artist Kathe Kollwitz, was used for a peace congress in The Hague, . An introduction to the life and work of Kathe Kollwitz, exploring her influences, her interest in poverty and class-consciousness, her biography and some of her . Käthe Kollwitz Archives. Exhibition : Dark Matters – Works from the Whitworth Collection · William Newzam Prior Nicholson 1872-1949 Study of a Baby, 1908 . Kathe Kollwitz was an outstanding draftsman amongst the Berlin Expressionists, whose images of the suffering of her fellow men in the early part of the twentieth . Kathe Kollwitz – the relief “Lament”, self-portrait, bronze, h. 2. 6 m, 1938 – 1940. In her “Lament” Kollwitz analyses the double nature of compassionate grief as a . Käthe Kollwitz: AskART art price guide for Käthe Kollwitz and 96000+ American artists - Käthe Kollwitz fine art prices, auction results, auction images, value art, . .